Final Report

The Northwest Sub-regional Mobility Study Finalized!

The Planning and Development Department, in partnership with the Department of Public Works and Engineering and Houston-Galveston Area Council, is pleased to announce that the Northwest Sub-regional Mobility study has been finalized and can be downloaded from the project website for viewing.

After an extensive public comment period, the City received 346 comments regarding study recommendations, and letters from area organizations. Over the last several months, the project team has worked with City staff to evaluate all comments and provide responses to questions that were raised. Where appropriate, recommendations were modified to ensure that all final recommendations resulting from this study best serve the needs of the City and community, alike.

Report:                   Northwest Sub-regional Mobility Study

Project Website:

Note: The Final Report is available for download on the City of Houston’s server.  This website was intended for public outreach only and will become inactive after February 20, 2015.

Final Draft Report

The Public Comment Period for the Northwest Mobility Study was open from April 2, 2014 – May 2, 2014.  After a number of responses, the Public Comment Period is now closed.  Thank you for your participation!

Please note, the Final Report will not be released until all comments are properly reviewed.  As such, we thank you for your continued support and patience.